Choosing your suit for the wedding day: Guest Blog from Hemingway Tailors

The big day has come! Not the Bride’s day, but your day as a couple! So it’s only normal that the groom should look just as good! A good suit is definitely worth it, not only because you can wear it more than once, but also because it can make SUCH a difference in how you feel and how you look. So I asked Toby Luper of Hemingway Tailors to give us a few tips.

Your wedding day: choosing a suit and accessories

Even though we might not admit it as vocally as the brides do, every man longs to look his best on his wedding day and to end up with wedding photographs he can show off to his grandchildren in years to come. Whether you’re looking to wed your long-term partner or convert your existing civil partnership into marriage, it’s important that the ceremony goes as you’ve always imagined it would and that your wedding photographer has something truly special to record. For most men that means looking the part in a sharp suit, but what do you need to consider when choosing a tailored wedding suit and accessories for the big day? Take a look at these six considerations you ought to bear in mind when selecting your wedding suit…

Formal or informal?

Weddings are, of course, occasions steeped in tradition, but they’re also truly personal events shaped by those electing to tie the knot. Depending on the personalities of both yourself and your partner, you may choose to wed in more formal fashion or take a relaxed approach to the event instead. Needless to say, this will affect the style of your suit for the ceremony itself. A morning suit or tuxedo will likely prove the traditionalist’s choice, while lounge suits and other more casual options will better fit the tone of a more informal occasion. Select your suit based on the tone of your wedding and you won’t go wrong.

Home or away?

Another important factor to bear in mind is the question of where your wedding is taking place. The temperature and weather conditions on offer at your wedding venue will affect your choice of fabric, so if you’re looking to get hitched on a gorgeous beach under the tropical sun make sure you aren’t sweltering away under a thick wool jacket! Thick wool and flannel jackets and tailcoats will keep you warmer if you’re staying in the UK and avoiding the height of summer, while linen and even cotton might be worth considering if you’re wedding in warmer climes.

Budget and bundles

When the question of groom’s suits comes up, a discussion of budget is rarely far behind. How much you’re willing to spend will likely determine the quality of the fabric used to create your wedding suit and whether you decide to go bespoke or made to measure. It is possible to save money by purchasing wedding packages, so if you wish to order your groomsmen’s outfits along with your own suit, you could be quids in as a result. Similarly if there are to be two grooms at the wedding, you’ll likely not want to wear identical suits and again a better price could be negotiated.


While a bridal gown is hardly the kind of item likely to be worn to a restaurant or on a night out after the big day itself, some gents will choose to purchase a wedding suit that they can use again in future. If you want to wear your groom’s suit to work or for social or special occasions in future then it’s  important to bear this in mind when selecting it. You’ll probably want to avoid the most formal styles (top hats and tails died out in the boardroom around 200 years ago!) and stick to grey or navy rather than louder, less flexible colours and styles.

Colour scheme

How’s your eye for aesthetics? Some partners like to colour co-ordinate everything about their wedding ceremony for the benefit of the wedding photographs. Everything matches, from the place cards and flower arrangements to ties, cufflinks and corsages. You may feel that such efforts are unnecessary or you may be a total devotee to aesthetics – either way, it’s important to consider colour carefully. Determine the colour scheme of your partner’s dress or suit before choosing your own, ensuring that you don’t clash on the day, and remember to coordinate these colours with the rest of the wedding party. Try to avoid colours with negative connotations – it’s easy to make a faux pas without even realising you’ve done so!


As far as accessorising goes, for the most part, less is definitely more. The accessories that you do choose, however, will need to match your choice of suit. If you’ve opted for a more formal, traditional style then you’ll probably require a bow tie and pocket square to set off the lines of your suit while more modern, informal styles will work better with cufflinks and straight ties. Remember to match not only the colours of your accessories but also the materials they’re made from – a watch strap that clashes with one’s belt or shoes is a definite wedding no-no. Never wear brown accessories with a black suit and think long and hard about the shoes you choose to accompany your outfit, too!

Once you’ve selected your perfect wedding suit and the accessories to set it off, you and your partner are bound to look your best in your wedding photographs forever more. What’s behind the lens, however, is often as important as what’s in front of it if your pictures are to have an enduring quality and beauty! Make sure you choose a wedding photographer capable of capturing the beauty of your big day on film.

Toby Luper Bio

Founder and director of Hemingway Tailors, Toby Luper has been in the tailoring trade for 40 years and has produced suits and tailored clothing of the highest quality and style for numerous high profile business persons and celebrities.

As a Master Tailor, Toby is able to advise and guide his clients on the perfect solution to their wedding outfits be that just for the groom or the entire wedding party.


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