Welsh National Wedding Awards: THANK YOU!

As the awards are taking place this evening, here are a selection of some of the wonderful people we have had the privilege of working with over the past year. Their weddings have been sheer delights and it is they, and all the others, that have helped us to be short-listed for the Welsh National Wedding Awards for Best Wedding Photographer for the 4th time in a row! We will be featuring more couples in the coming blogs!


Wedding Photographer in Chester: Claire and Paul’s at Rowton Hall

Clare and Paul were a real pleasure to work with, and the way I ended up working with them was that I went to the bank one day and the girl helping me out was Clare’s bridesmaid, and so she recommended us to Clare. I initially didn’t think much of it but I was really touched that she did recommend me. What is important to us, beyond simply working with every bride we meet, is knowing that we are a good match together because we spend so much time with our clients. It is important that we get along and feel really comfortable. The moment I met Clare and Paul, I thought they were brilliant and that the wedding was going to be great fun, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.




Wedding photographer in Anglesey: Lisa and Geraint’s at Tre-Ysgawen

Another wedding couple this year was Geraint and Lisa. There are lots of touches I really loved about that wedding. She was so bubbly and smiley, and he was an amazing groom. The preparations for the day were actually made in Lisa’s childhood bedroom. She lived in her childhood home right up until she got married and I thought that was really lovely. The bridesmaids on her day really stood out to me for being an absolutely wonderful bunch of friends. They even sang for the couple at the church. When at the start I said I really want to do something special and would like their help, they we just there, wanting nothing more than to help. I wont say too much, however, because it is going to be in the next issue of Wedding Ideas Magazine…




Wedding photographer in Rhyl: Dan and Lisa

Dan and Lisa said something we hear often from our Celynnen clients the first time we meet them in that they don’t like having their picture taken. What people need to know is that it is perfectly normal and that is why we invest so much time in making people generally feel at ease and comfortable working with us through the pre-wedding shoots amongst other things. Then by time the wedding comes, the couple feel perfectly comfortable. With Dan and Lisa we fitted in both a really cool wedding ceremony in a catholic church in Rhyl and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony later that evening. It was going to be a wedding that will stick in my mind for a very long time, not only because they were such great fun to work with but also because it was my birthday that day!

North_Wales_Wedding_Photographer_Celynnen_Photography_050715_289 North_Wales_Wedding_Photographer_Celynnen_Photography_050715_333


Wedding Photographer in North Wales: Vanessa and Ash at Soughton Hall

Then we had Vanessa and Ash, whose wedding took place at Soughton hall. There we had a Thai ceremony. It was a day which was very high on emotions but with lots of stand up moments. For example, a really enthusiastic “Security Guard”, a four-year-old child with dark shades on, looking like a teeny-tiny bond villain!

Celynnen_Photography_315 Celynnen_Photography_061


Wedding Photographer in Anglesey: Jodie and Brenton’s wedding at Chateau Rhianfa

Jodie and Brenton, came all the way from Australia, where they live, to have a sumptuous castle wedding nearer to where Jodie’s mum lives in North Wales. Though the weather was pouring all week, they brought the sunshine with them for their day. They were amazing people to work with and were just perfect as a couple.

wedding photography at Chateau Rhianna



I could easily go on and on about the fantastic people we work with, but a big, big thank you is greatly needed for everybody who voted! Wish us luck next for Sunday the 22nd of November at the Welsh National Wedding Awards and keep your fingers and toes crossed!


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