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2017 sees Celynnen Photography celebrate 10 years of wedding and portrait photography. We've tried lots of different websites and different software to try and make us save the most precious commodity out there: TIME.

Here are a few companies I recommend (and when I recommend something, it's because I TRULY love'em! Hope these links prove useful to you too!


Use this link for a 20% discount on ZenfolioZenfolioUse this link for a 20% discount on Zenfolio

Choosing the right website can be the best business decision you make!

As a professional photographer for 13 years, starting with Ioan Said Photography and 10 years of Celynnen Photography, one of the most important things for us was making sure that our images were found, seen in the best way possible and that our website was user friendly.

After starting with a homemade solution, I tried other suppliers and wordpress themes to finally settle for Zenfolio, an all-in-one SEO friendly blogging, portfolio and sales solution that saves me both time and money.

The mobile friendly portfolio solution makes sure my clients can see the images the best way possible, the integrated mobile app solution allows my clients to quickly and easily share their favourite pictures with loved ones, without me having to pay for a seperate solution like I used to and as much as people sing the praises of Wordpress, I'm a photographer and have no desire of learning any coding or constantly having to find ways to protect myself from comment spam or other security threats.

But THE most amazing thing about them is their customer service. The fastest, friendliest and most proactive I've experienced in years. Not satisfied with just telling you how to solve an issue, they understand you're a busy person so they do it for you.

Check them out and SAVE 20% by using this special discount code: http://www.zenfolio.com/?refcode=celynnenphotography‬


This is by far the most exciting software we've discovered this year. After years of struggling with our admin, Shootzilla allows us to save an incredible time in dealing with our enquiries as well as making sure we give a consistent customer service. After years of trying different solutions, including Lightblue, Shootzilla has proven to be the simplest, most cost effective way to manage our wedding, portrait and boudoir photography workflows.

Save 20% on either a monthly subscription or yearly by entering the code: IOANFRIEND17

Read more about my experience with Shootzilla here:

Shoot 30 weddings a year, have a family and still be able to switch off