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North West Wedding Photographer of the Year!!

"Ioan has an eye for the off-beat, fleeting and romantic when it comes to wedding photography. The trust he builds up between himself and engaged couples is evident in the candid, fun and uninhibited images he takes on their big day. His photos swept the board in the wedding reportage category because he managed to capture on camera the intimacy between a new husband and wife during their first dance."

- Kevin Mullins, Member of the Judging Panel and Fuji Ambassador.


I am feeling rather excited at the moment as I have got some wonderful news to share! Last week, I received 10 awards in the British Institute of Professional Photography's North West Region annual awards as well as  achieving the ultimate wedding prize of being named North West Wedding Photographer of the Year!!!!

This is incredible news for us especially as this year is the 10th Anniversary of Celynnen Photography! We started the company in 2007 committed to delivering high quality photography to our clients. Our first wedding was in 2009 and we still use photos from that wedding in our wedding portfolio :)

The annual photography print competition which is open to some of the best professional photographers in the UK was judged by three well known judges including a world renowned Documentary Wedding Photographer! The award was co-presented to me by Fuji!

This is what we won!

As some of you may know, I also do commercial photography! Our awards included;

4 merits in PR & Photojournalism

1 BRONZE in industrial photography

Winning photographs were photos we took of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, images we took of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as some of our work for Cheshire Police.Our Bronze award for a picture we took for Dee Valley Waters inside their new water treatment facility!

Then for weddings;

BRONZE award in reportage wedding photography

SILVER award in reportage wedding photography

GOLD award in reportage wedding photography

When people talk about our wedding photography, one of the things they usually notice is the natural feel of our work and genuine happiness. To us, that's what wedding photography is all about. It's not a photoshoot, it a very special day between two people, their friends and family. (Or just two people in the case of our wedding!)

The Bronze award, was taken at Chris and Kristin's wedding at Bodrhyddan Hall and is one of my favorite pictures for a reason because of the way he looks at her when they dance together.

Celynnen Photography bronze award in Reportage Photography at the North West BIPP Awards 2017

The SILVER winning image was also one from Chris and Kristin's wedding . I love this picture because of the proper hug. Remember, this is documentary wedding photography so it was all about capturing action and emotion as it happens and one thing that I remind our Celynnen Photography couples is to just be yourselves and let us do the rest! You always look your best when you are happy :)

Celynnen Photography silver award in Reportage Photography at the North West BIPP Awards 2017 Then our GOLD award, was selected for it's "quirky and story telling quality" is one I'm very proud of. I love capturing these moments at a wedding, getting a different perspective and showing something to the Bride & Groom that they won't have been able to see themselves :) Hope you like it too!

Celynnen Photography gold award in Reportage Photography at the North West BIPP Awards 2017

In wedding photography we also won awards for our wedding albums, including;

SILVER award for wedding album of the year

GOLD award for wedding album of the year

This is the second year in a row we have won wedding album of the year, something we are incredibly proud of. We take great care in producing our wedding albums - in both designing albums and selecting products that are going to stand the test of time, have high quality printing and are a little bit special :) We believe wedding albums are a really important family heirloom and we therefore put a lot of effort into ensuring our clients are happy :) Indeed we now have a new range of wedding albums and are including a special offer on parents albums so contact us for more details!

As you can see I am feeling rather happy with this amazing news but it's safe to say that I wouldn't have got there without our fantastic clients over the last 10 years. We often say we are incredibly lucky with the Brides & Grooms that have chosen Celynnen Photography for their big day - Funny, vibrant, loving people - couples who are totally in love which makes it a joy to capture their day. Many of them are friends for life, and since I moved over here from Canada in 2003 not knowing many people it is so nice to be able to say this. And of course without the love and support of my wonderful wife :) Nicola helped me get set up, gave me the confidence to be able to do it, designed all the wedding albums, helped me keep organised. These last two years, since we now have the amazing Ethan in our lives, she has been able to take more of a backseat as we now have Jess on the team. As such we are entering a new phase for our company and safe to say I am excited about what the future holds :D.

So thank you very much for your role in this, and for future brides and grooms you should know that I am always learning, always improving so lets try and win some awards in 2018 and 2019 with your pictures :) If you would like to book the new NORTH WEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR then please get in touch!

Lots of love,

Ioan & the Celynnen Photography team xxx


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